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Not long into “Rant” — 21 pages to be exact, after the car wrecks featuring impaled lungs and “severe internal exsanguination,” after the torn-apart carcasses of mule deer and rabbits, after the black widow bites on human nether parts and the blood-drinking family dogs — the author describes the prairie storms that hit the little burg of Middleton, blowing over trash cans, strewing used condoms and panty liners and sanitary napkins (but nothing else, apparently) along the barbed wire fences on the edge of town. He zooms in — he can’t resist — for a closer look: “Old blood and chunks so black it could be road tar. Blood brown as coffee. Watery pink blood. Sperm died down to almost-clear water.”

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Written by kelemenzsolt

December 17, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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